Do You Have The Baby Blues? Signs of Post-Natal Depression.

LAST MODIFIED: Thursday, April 25, 2019
Depressed mother sitting with her baby on her lap

Having a new baby is supposed to be one of the most joyous events of your life. So why are you feeling so deflated and depressed?

Perhaps you’re suffering from post-natal depression. Check out the symptoms and see if this is you.


Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

1. Depression

Do you feel exhausted all the time? That makes you feel guilty. Perhaps you’re worried because you can’t feel love for your baby or maybe you feel very lonely and without any means of support. You think that no-one could possibly understand what you’re going through and you might even think about ending it all. You can’t seem to remember anything and when you’re called upon to make a decision it becomes extremely difficult to make up your mind.


2. Anger

You feel frustrated and trapped. You’ve never been grumpier or more likely to suffer an outburst of temper. When you’re not actually letting off steam, you’re a bundle of suppressed aggression. It’s not something you can control and at times you’re shocked by your own aggression and the number of disagreements and fights you’re getting into with those you love most.


3. Anxiety

You’re constantly anxious. Is baby ok? Is your partner ok? What if someone or something harms your family? What if you harm your baby? Being alone is a frightening experience because your fears crowd in. You may even suffer from panic attacks. You become obsessive about your baby’s health, your health and that of your partner. Terrible fears haunt you day and night.


4. It feels like you’ve lost a lot of things

Since baby’s birth, you’ve become completely de-motivated. It’s hard to take pleasure in the things you previously enjoyed and the things that interested you seem unimportant now. You might stop taking care of your appearance, lose interest in sex and intimacy and feel as if you’re ugly, useless and stupid. As for food, you either comfort eat or simply lose interest in food. What’s worse, you just don’t seem to be able to think clearly any more.


5. Physical signs

Your weight changes drastically. You lose or gain huge amounts of weight. Sleeping at night becomes difficult. All the stress you’re going through causes symptoms like headaches and nausea. You either couldn’t care less or you get overly agitated about absolutely everything.


Get Help

You’re not a bad person or a weak person. You’re not a bad mother. Your body and life-style have gone through several far-reaching changes that are very hard to adapt to. Get professional help as soon as possible.