Benefits of an Amber Teething Necklace – A Natural Alternative

LAST MODIFIED: Thursday, April 25, 2019

Just what are the benefits of an amber teething necklace?

If your baby is approaching this stage in their development, then you may have come across several mentions of an amber teething necklace and various claims as to how it can help them, but in actual fact, this is not something that is new on the market as amber has been around for thousands of years.

The only question that we need to answer is why you may wish to consider investing in this type of necklace over the others that are currently available.


Why An Amber Teething Necklace?

Prior to discussing the benefits, it is perhaps a good idea to recap as to what amber actually is as this may then play a part in helping you decide if this is indeed the kind of item that you would like to purchase.

Amber is basically fossilized plant resin and it generally comes from the Baltic area of Europe. Amber has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and indeed has been used around the world from ancient Rome to the Chinese and everything in between.

Its main use in traditional medicine is due to its apparent anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to heal and, therefore, reduce pain, so it will instantly become clear as to why it may be useful for teething problems.

By having the beads in a necklace, it is important to point out that amber is not a stone, it will work on easing inflammation in the gums and cheeks, but aside from the soothing it will also help your child to drool and the saliva will also then help to ease their pain and discomfort.

Baby Wearing Amber Teething Necklace
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The reason it helps them to drool is that it is believed that amber stimulates the thyroid gland leading to this reaction and it should also be pointed out that amber beads have also been shown to be effective against throat inflammation and also helping to heal wounds, so you can already see that there are several benefits of an amber teething necklace.

Amber is also very good at helping the central nervous system along with helping to improve their concentration and reflexes, but their main benefit is going to be the way in which they effectively act as a synthetic painkiller as clearly your child is only concerned about that and will not bother about their reflexes or anything else.

The only other thing to mention here is that you must make sure that you get Baltic amber and do make sure that it is real because there are fakes out there with synthetic amber, which means it is effectively plastic, and clearly this will offer no benefit whatsoever.


How to Use an Amber Teething Necklace

The one thing that really has to be mentioned is that this is indeed a necklace – not a teething toy – and it should not be given to them to chew, but instead worn around their neck.

This may then make you wonder as to how it can actually help them and the answer to this is that the effects actually occur due to the beads touching the skin as the heat from their body results in the amber releasing succinic acid and it is this that then has a positive impact on the body leading to the various benefits mentioned above.

This does mean that there is no need to worry about the various chemicals that appear in different teething gels, but do just check that they cannot lift it into their mouth when you first put it on them.

You do also need to make sure that the beads are secured and they cannot break off as there would clearly be a worry about them choking on a piece, so again only buy a quality item rather than trying to save some money by getting a cheaper option


Natural Teething Relief

An amber teething necklace is certainly something that is worth trying if your child is suffering from teething issues as the natural properties of amber can help ease inflammation and irritation with it then giving them some welcome relief from the discomfort that they will be feeling.

These necklaces will last them for the duration and they are certainly inexpensive, but if it gives your child some relief from the pain and irritation, then surely it does not matter how much it costs as helping them will be invaluable.